Life on the River
Life on the River
An abstract landscape painting of a river sits in a white frame in an elegant setting. It hangs on a grey textured concrete wall surrounded by green plants in white containers. There is a textured wooden sideboard underneath and the edge of a ficus is visible to the right.
Life on the River

Life on the River

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This River is teaching me more about life than any class I’ve taken
Never the same two days in a row
Sometimes a mirror infused with stillness
Or marbled green with duckweed
Edged with water lilies, where frogs bask in the sun
Sometimes gunmetal grey or marine blue
Or hidden by mist rising before the sun
Drifting, spirit-like, across the water.
Host to a myriad of creatures and moods
Always flowing, ever changing, ever present
Right there, outside my window.

12" x 12", acrylic on wood panel. Piece comes ready to hang in a white wooden frame that measures 14.25" x 14.25", complete with hanging hardware. This abstract piece was made shortly after I moved from bustling Toronto to my home in the country beside a peaceful, meandering river. Makes a great gift for a loved one or for yourself! Filled with energetic marks and layers that allow you to discover something new each time you look at it, this work doesn't just hang on your walls. It pulses with the life of the River.