Hi, I'm Nadine Prada, an award-winning artist and workshop facilitator.
Using art as a gateway, I help people connect to the present moment through the 5 senses,
so they can access deeper states of aliveness and wellbeing.

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I was born in the Caribbean, always very aware of the sensual world around me. I spent my formative years there before moving to Toronto where I'm now based.
In 2010, an 8.8 earthquake changed my life. I was gifted with three minutes of intense presence that immediately showed me what mattered and what didn’t. Upon my return home, I left my high profile workaholic job in advertising to devote my life to art making, and to creating interactive art shows and experiences that help people to access deeper states of aliveness and presence. After all those years of living in my head, thinking about the future or dwelling in the past, I realized how much of our lives we lose because we simply are not in them. Now I work to help others deal with distraction and reclaim their lives too. 


We live in an age of distraction. In our connected world, our attention is continuously being pulled everywhere, and we no longer have an “off” switch. We’re often thinking about what we have to get done, or worrying about something we did or didn't do in the past. This creates a constant sense of anxiety that tends to sit just beneath the surface of our lives. When you're not in the present moment, you have no access to your full creative potential. You’re cut off from your intuition, where all the answers lie. You have this feeling like you're missing something. That's because you're not IN your life. You're not present for it, so you can't actually make conscious decisions in the moment.

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It might seem like a strange way to achieve these sorts of benefits. If you think about it, art is powerful stuff. We're hard-wired to appreciate it. Art has been with us since the dawn of civilization - as long as there have been people, there’s been art. In fact, every single culture throughout human history has made art. Not every culture used the wheel. You just need to know how to access it in a deeper way. And I would love to be your guide! 

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