A painting of sycamore leaves dangling from a branch overhead with blue sky in the background. The marks and textures are lively and give a feeling of breeze on a spring day.
Under the Sycamore
Under the Sycamore
Under the Sycamore
Under the Sycamore

Under the Sycamore

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Breeze whispers its secrets through Sycamore leaves
Standing underneath, see the pinpoints of light
Sky breathing through
Greens becoming gold
Pleasure-flushed at the edges
Life after life, born again in the mystery of Seasons.

This piece doesn't just hang on your wall. It is born from moments of extreme presence, inspired by my new home beside a meandering river and by what I experience on my daily walks. Dipped in sunshine, kissed by breezes and birdsong, pulsing with the aliveness of the seasons. My hope is that the energy captured in these simple-yet-profound moments is transferred to you through this work. Filled with energetic marks, texture and layers that allow you to discover something new each time you look at it, this would make a great gift for a loved one, or for yourself!
12" x 12", acrylic and mixed media on wood panel. Comes ready to hang in a white wooden frame that measures approx. 12.75" x 12.75", complete with hanging hardware.